Help downgrading from Vista to XP and installing drivers.

I recently put XP on a Compaq Presario C700 CTO that came preinstalled with Vista. I had to change some things in th Bios for Xp to install and now I need some drivers. Nothing is supported. I received links for various drivers someone told me i needed but none of them worked partly because i wasn't sure how to install them as the instructions were useless. The drivers I'm missing are Audio Device on High Definition Audio Bus, Ethernet Controller, Modem Device on High Definition Audio Bus, Sm Bus Controller, Video Controller, Video Controller (VGA Compatible), and one Unknown device which I think is my wireless (Atheros 06X Wireless Network Adapter). Any help as to how I can get these drivers installed and get XP working would be greatly appreciated. This is what I was given.....

1. Install the pack of drivers called Drivers_exe. Installs everything but Adapters NETWORK

2. Install the network card in the folder ethernet chipset - Ethernet (download the first driver in step 3 and returns to Step 2 to complete)

3. Install the executable Chipset

4. Install the wireless card called "Wlan_Atheros_5.3_-_By_ComKerry"

5. Update the driver with. Inf folder inside the Wireless called "Borrador_de_driver_y_Causante_de_Error_-_By_ComKerry," the first. Inf that comes on the list.

Back to update the driver for the wireless card. Inf folder inside the Wireless called "Atheros_AR5006X_Wireless_Network_Adapter_-_By_ComKerry" and I will be ready for the wireless orange to blue.

7. Installing the UAA

8. Installing the sound file in the folder called "sp34386"

9. Install manually with the audio. Inf, which is located in the C: SWsetup/sp34386

10. Update Driver "Conexant High Definition Audio" with the driver. Inf file that is located in the folder Sound / Audio_Conexant_FINAL_-_By_ComKerry staying with the name "Conexant HD Audio SmartAudio 221"

11. Install through. Inf driver missing in my case is the Modem and ready.

12. Then install all the utilities missing in the Drivers folder. Quick Launch Buttons
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  1. ...Why are you downloading drivers off of Rapidshare? You've probably been Spyware hacked to death already. Just get the components off each vendors website.

    The HD audio controller is probably a Realtek driver, and the VGA component is your GFX card driver.
  2. I would but I don't know which components or which vendors exactly.
  3. get the model number of your compaq computer and go to the compaq or HP website to download them
  4. There is no driver Cd for it I called Hp supporrt. I used Hp's online chat and they said they dont support downgrading so they gave me third party sites to download the drivers but they dont work.
  5. Ok update I all all the drivers except for my Atheros AR5006X Wireless Network Adapter which I cant find anywhere. The rar file above that was provided was encrypted with a password.
  6. try this link i was able to find this by googleing the make and model of the card
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