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Using nautilus on Linux Mint 11, I am transferring files from one drive to another. I am using the extra pane view and using "move to other pane" to transfer. first I moved the files to a temp drive, and I had no errors what so ever. now upon transferring from the temp drive to a permanent drive, during the files operation, I am getting the black screen of death. which forces me to restart and I loose whatever file was being moved at the time. I am doing small portions of the drive at a time mostly with .avi video files. the issue is the same on the Linux Mint 11 live dvd, the Ubuntu 11.04 live dvd, or Linux Mint 11 installed on a HDD.
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    Hmm, never seen that issue before, if you have an ssh server configured on the machine, is it still running stuff from what you can see? It's extremely odd that a file operation working at the VFS layer would wreak havoc on your video driver, which is what it sounds like is occurring.

    BTW, you have a typo in your sig (a 'b' when you likely meant 'g')
  2. well, I ruled out permissions problems. every release I tried it on was 64bit. so, I tried it on Ubuntu 11.10 32 bit I installed to HDD and had the same issue. it also happens with copy and paste. No severs are running. I could even move the same folder outside its parent directory to a different location and it would go through. luckily it only happened with a few folders and files I was able to move the rest without issue. as far as it being it being a driver prob, all I can say is I did not manually install any. maybe I should file a bug report because whatever file is being moved when it crashes is broken. I have never done a bug report however. thanks for the reply.
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