Intel Prol/Wireless 2915ABG Card Issues

Ok I have a older laptop that has a Celeron M in it and a Broadcom wireless mini pci card in it. I wanted to upgrade the CPU with a Pentium M and Upgrade the wireless card to a Intel Prol/Wireless 2915ABG Card. So i did this right and everytime I load the driver for the card I get a error in Device Manager saying that the (device is not started) Code 10. Now I have dont EVERYTHING to get these drivers to work and still cannot get it to run. My question is does anyone know what is wrong here??? Could it be that I do not have the Intel Centrino chipset on my laptop and it wont work?? I know that sounds stupid and does not really make sense but I have tried everything and im down to saying its the card or that.

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  1. hmmm
  2. Is the laptop a IBM? Check out this website. link to thinkwiki and this site link to command-tab.

    Good luck.
  3. No its a gateway 4026gz. My problem I am almost positive is a Bios update but they do not have one. Any way you can find me a Bios flash that can help? I have looked everywhere. :(
  4. Ok the real question is do you think It will work for the gateway that I own?? I can always try it and if it fails pull the CMos batt from the laptop to kill the info?? The issue with mines is that the device manager shows the card it will just not start compared to a simple bios error code.
  5. check your WIFI card with INTEL_NETWORK_CONNECTION_ID_TOOL and try diferent drivers from intel. it's a driver problem. try the 2200 driver also. Intel WIFI it's stupid when it comes to drivers. and dont use the intel connection manager. 9 out of 10 it will not work properly.
  6. Ya that is what I thought also but I ended up trying a bazzilion different drivers from Intel and I tried using the ID-Tool and it came back as no supported hardware??? Made no sense cuz I had the yellow mark in Device manager saying device cannot start.
  7. try this one out.
    also reinstall your Intel Inf for the motherboard
  8. I tried the INF already and that did not work. I just tried that link and still not working. When it goes to setup the proset it does not find a adapter which is really really strange. The card is a working card too. :(
  9. remove the device from your device manager and hit F5... when prompted for the driver indicate the folder for the driver... dont install it using the setup
  10. Tried that one too. :cry:

    This is the adapter from HELL
  11. try to contact your laptop manufacturer for an answer because in that case they will probably have a soluction for you. otherwhise i can't find a way to help you further. did you tried the mini PCI in another laptop???
  12. I actually called gateway and they wanted 40 bucks for the call so I decided to call Intel and the guy told me that I probably need a Bios update but considering Gateway wants 40 to even talk its not going to happen. \

    The card does work in other laptops. :(
  13. Thank you for all your help. :)
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