Whats up with firefox?, it sucks now

I have been having so much trouble with firefox lately, it's slower than molasses, it locks up, and sometimes just wont start. I've been using chrome(which is smoking fast), and i am virus and spyware free. This is not just me, pretty much everyone I know is having trouble with firefox. On another note windows 7 rocks, only when it is released will i giveup my beloved xp.
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  1. similar experience here, especially with flash layers and flash banners FF has a problem. Completely locks down.
  2. Have you tried to downgrade? I have downgraded mine to Firefox 3.0.12.
    Firefox 3.5.1 really sucks and freezes frequently and it surely is a big bother while browsing many sites at once.
  3. Thanks for the hint, hasn't come to my mind yet.
  4. Somehow Firefox 3.5.x completely locks up my Core i7/Win7 (release version) box. I can't even get task manager to come up so I can't kill the firefox process. This locking up has played havoc on my RAID. I uninstalled and am now using Opera 10, much better. I may play with Firefox 3.0.12. I am happy to know that it is not just my box having problems.
  5. I'm on 3.5.3 with no problems. Some of the feature changes are annoying, but no major issues.
  6. I'm using Firefox 3.5.4 on two Core2 Duo/XP computers and one Core i7 Win7 computer. On one of the XP machines, I have to login for every site and start page I use, once I close the browser, on the other XP machine, it stays logged in on everything as long as I use them regularly. My wife uses the other machine, and she uses IE8, rather than the FF browser I use, if I ever get on that machine... so I don't know what's happening on that one. As long as she isn't complaining, I'm happy.

    On the Win7 computer, FF won't always open, but if I open Task Manager and end the firefox.exe process, I can once again open FF, as usual.

    I was having problems with FF for the two weeks I ran Vista, before, I loaded my free Win7 upgrade, but I don't think it was quite this bad. Hopefully, there will be a quick SP release and these smallish problems will be settled. I'd say I could move to a Mac, but who wants to build a Mac? My Powerbook G4 is still clucking along, anyway.

    As far as Firefox is concerned... I may have to switch to Opera, Safari, or something else... but my Roboform logger won't work on anything but FF and IE... I'll have to open each login, one at a time, and do a lot of copy/paste to use another browser. I wish they could solve these problems.
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