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My work recently forced me to move from Office 2003 to 2007 when they moved their exchange server to 2007. After doing a clean install (uninstalled 2003 first) Outlook crashes upon startup. Unfortunately the IT person I'm working with has not been very helpful so I'm going to appeal to experts here for suggestions.

I did some reason and made several changes which worked...for a while. First I deleted my old profile and created a new one. Once I did this Outlook would come up without crashing. I could receive new mail but none of the mail I sent was received.

I then turned off caching which solved the send mail issue.

At this point I thought I was ok but then the startup crashes returned. After more research, I created a new profile again and turned off all add-ins. From that point on I was able to send/receive mail for several hours without a hitch. Then Outlook crashed when it was just sitting idle and I can no longer start it (unless I create a new profile).

I seem to be at a dead end. My current thinking is that I have something bad in the registry but have no way to validate that.

I have tried running Office Diagnostics and it finds an issue then points me to a non-existent web page. Very useful! I also ran repair on Outlook but it did nothing.

Lastly, I have Office SP2 installed and I'm running XP SP2 (my company has not move to SP3 for some reason).

So with all that said, does anyone have some suggestions or ideas about what might be wrong. Since my machine is a few years old, I'm tempted to have IT create a clean build for me on another disk then transfer my data and email.

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  1. We tried creating a new XP user profile but got the same result. The solution was to reinstall XP. Everything seems to be working now.
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