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I was wondering if they make a FPS display that is transparent that you can run over the top of your game?
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  1. Fraps, if its a nVidia, the evga precision tool. Fraps works for both
  2. Rivatuner has one as well, but FRAPS is a little nicer to use.
  3. Riva is made by the same guy making the evga tool, which has an even better GUI than fraps imhlo, tho its limited to nVidia only
  4. FRAPS is a no-frills, lightweight utility basically. Problem is if you want to use its more advanced features properly you need to pay, but FPS monitoring is free.
  5. Also has capture etc, I love me some fraps
  6. Recording is 30 seconds max without the full version though, and you don't get to change many options.
  7. I can't use fraps while playing COD:WAW Online. It's something to do with punkbuster thinks its helping me cheat.
  8. Well Punkbuster is a steaming pile of fail.
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