SATA II hard drive, help please!

i have a Gigabyte GA M59SLI-S4 AM2 motherbaord. but no hard drive to go with it.

can i ask what SATA II hard drive go with it? and brand?

i want a 500gb hard drive. can you tell me what make and model of hard drive is compatiable with this motherboard?

and also any ideas what processor i should use for this motherboard. only need to for educational use, like word typing, creating web pages, storing wedding pictures (really loads of them), want to store them on dvd, i also use programming languages like, visual basic, python etc to make programmes.

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  1. Any SATA II hdd will work, personally I like Seagate. I'd think about getting a smaller hdd, no more than 80GB, for the OS and programs and use the 500 for storage. If you don't want to do this, be sure to partition you hdd with about 30 to 35GB for the OS and program. Not sure how CPU intensive programming is but for everything else the AM2 X2 3800 would be fine
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