Help! Need a router with LONG RANGE

Hi everyone!

I'm the local pc setup kid in my area, and I need a router for someone that has great range. Currently the house has the wrt300n router, which is "junk". Basically the range is like 20 ft. shorter than what they need. They can still return it, so i figured get the right router.

What routers are notorious for long range? All i need is b/g bands- N is NOT needed.

Is my best option getting the wrt54g and flashing the bios? Can i do any better than that?

Thanks for the advice!
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  1. Well the current record for buget range

    Buffalo WHR-HP-G54 flashed with DD-WRT run you $58 on

    I heard of a guy who outfitted two of these with a special atennas and did a wds link over 1 mile. Nice to know you have upgrade options. Keep in mind at some point the clients antenna is usually the weak link.
  2. Thanks, for the recommendation, unless anyone else has something that is better, the buffalo looks like my best choice.

    I am correct in thinking of the buffalo as a wrt54g with boosted antennae?
  3. Pretty much it's a mimo antenna with a booster. It has a slightly faster gpu but it's still broadcom in my profession opinion it's a wrt54g on roids.

    I still don't think the draft n stuff can beat it. Looks like they added it to the wireless charts to small net builder but they screwed up by enabling afterburner. It increases speeds for short range but kills your range. As noticed by the giant slant in the chart. It looks like the DIR-655 might beat it at triple the price by the time you include adapters.
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