Best option for cooling a Quad Core?

Hi Everyone,

I have been reading and reading trying to make sense of what cooler I should choose. I wanted to stay away from a Water based solution as knowing my luck I'd end up with a fused motherboard when I developed a leak! So an Air based answer is definitely for me.

I am hoping to build a system utilising a QX6700 chip but there is no clear winner on the CPU cooler front. I was thinking of the Asus Arctic Square, when it comes out. But I read a review at the weekend which put me off a bit. Workmanship wasn't so good, did the job but not wonderfully, a bit noisy.

Today I read on Tom's Hardware that they used an Ultra ChillTec cooler. Looks good, but where can I buy one in the UK? Only seems available in the US. Do they have to be sourced from over there?

Or are there any other solutions?

I know there is the Amanda but I've read that the performance is not that wonderful and that you loose a PCI slot in the process.

Any recommendations would be greatfully received.
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  1. The Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme is currently the top air cooler on the market, but they're a bit expensive (~£40). Unless you're planning on some hardcore oc'ing the regular Ultra 120 or Tuniq Tower 120 will work fine as well. They're cheaper, and the temp difference is only a couple ºc.
  2. I second the U-120 X. I would recommend that your lap both it and your IHS on your Q6600. I knocked off 7-10 °C (7 on the coolest and 10 on the hottest) from my Q6600 by lapping it and the HS.

    Lapped Q6600 thread
    Lapped U-120 Ex Thread

    Let us know what you end-up doing.
  3. I second this one...that ultra chill tec TEC does really well..without the worry of water spilling. I might build a PC project with that, just because I think it's neat :)
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