ATI or Nvidia for dual monitor

Hi all,

Have a problem regarding a recent purchase of graphics card that I was hoping some of you out there could help with.
I bought 1950xt card the other day thinking that I could use this to enable horizontal spanning during gameplay, only to find out that this feature is not supported with the ATI cards. There is however a feature with the nvidia cards to enable horizontal spanning, and therefor playing games across 2 monitors with resolution 3200x1200.

My problem now is what do I do, keep the ATI card(maybe there is a solution) or change to the 8600GTS??

Any good opinions or solutions?

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  1. i can't answer your question, my card can barely run 1 monitor :oops:

    however, perhaps this site may help you. i've heard people finding help there, and they have forums, too. good luck! sorry i couldn't personally answer your question
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