Ubuntu 11 10 and DVT-T Lite

I am looking for a dvb-t pci tuner card that can work on 11.10 ubuntu USB dvb tuner. I have a DVT-T1000s card which I cant get to work!
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  1. I have the DVT-1000s. You cannot get it to work in Linux.

    There are lists which tell you what models are compatible.

    Google them.
  2. Is that the Leadtek WinFast DTV1000 S? The linuxtv.org website lists it as supported, and supposedly it is in the kernel, starting with 2.6.33, which Ubuntu 11.10 is well past. There is some information here on installing everything for it or some Ubuntu directions here. I guess it still hasn't progressed to the "plug it in and it automatically works" stage of support. I guess there could be some strange incompatibilities with 32 or 64-bit Linux, but I would search the Ubuntu forums for more information. That failing, I would try posting your problems with the card on the Ubuntu forums before buying anything else, since most of the tutorials are on earlier versions, when the drivers had to be manually compiled. If you're giving up and too lazy to do a Google search, here's the first list of supported cards I found.
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