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hi guys :D
im currently running a 64bit version of win vista ultimate on my desktop pc.
i have 2 questions:

1. why my hard drive ( seagate 1 TB-sata2 ) most of times is working, even when im doing absolutely nothing...?!?! is that normal??? :pfff:

2. i had AVG antivirus (ver 8) on my pc and today i uninstalled it and then i did reboot the system and tried to install kaspersky internet security 2009 BUT kaspersky installer gives an error and ask me to uninstall the AVG 8 first, then reboot my system and run setup again ! what should i do??! :bounce:

thank you for ur help :)
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  1. Vista indexes hard drive contents during idle time to speed up searches... the hard drive activity is normal.

    Back up your registry, then look for references to AVG and delete them. Backing up the registry first allows you to restore it in case you delete the wrong keys and mess something else up.
  2. It also defrags bits of data here and there.

    All of this is supposed to happen during "afk" sessions, but not sure how well that timing works.

    Understanding how SuperFetch uses RAM to enhance system performance…

    Windows Vista - SuperFetch & ReadyBoost
  3. thanks for ur help :)
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