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I have had my Belkin wireless G router for almost 2 years. Up until last month, my roommate and I could use it fine. Then, I wasn't able to connect anymore with the message of the connection having limited or no connectivity. I tried changing the IP, creating new wireless network settings, changing security settings etc. All the time, my roommate (who has the exact same laptop) could still use the wireless. Now, she is getting the same error message.

To note, I can use wireless everywhere else. And can connect to the internet via Ethernet cables.

Our internet is through a high speed network provided by our apartment complex. It is a common practice to use a wireless router for access.

I've exhausted every solution I've come across, I'm at the point where I just want to get rid of this router and buy a new one!

Thank you
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  1. Did you try resetting to the factory defaults or flashing the firmware to the latest version?

  2. also if there is a wireless carry around phone close tot he system, it can knock out your connection most cordless phones use 2.4 gigahertz and that is the same for wireless, the phone either near you or in the next room, either side can kill your networking. TVs can do it too the new ones.
  3. Try using the software that came with your router, completely reset it to be sure it's nothing there. If it still keeps going like that, could be like others have said, maybe some interference. Also, try different channels on the router settings, perhaps someone has recently set up a wireless network near you and is using the same channel as you are and is knocking out your connection.
  4. When something that was working stops working, it's natural to try to identify what changed (e.g. environmentally). If there is nothing obvious or that you can uncover, you might have a router that has gone end-of-life.
  5. I'm having the same issue with a brand new Think Pad. My desktop computer works fine on this wireless connection but the laptop won't as it says "limited or no connectivity. That's how I know the router is still good. Any ideas as to how my laptop would have to be configured to work with this wireless setup?
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