Internet explorer 8 wont start

hi i have internet explorer 8 and it wont boot i know that it works in safe mode so it could be one of my other softwares but im not entirely sure so please help
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  1. Reinstall it.
  2. Great stuff,post i read here about the Internet Explorer .i am using the IE 8 Browser my internet Connection is slow i tested the speed in the site ip-details.comI want to improve the speed help me please..
  3. I tried IE8 too but didn't like it... It had problems similar to this which I couldn't solve so I droped it. I'll stick with opera and FF.
  4. I used IE before but was discontented with its performance. Now I use FF 3.5 and Chrome (use chrome when running jscripts this is insanely fast).

    If you like to use IE, set it as a secondary browser, but on my case I don't use it nowadays. I'm more contented with FF and Chrome 3.
  5. thanks everyone for your posts but the problem has been resolved i am so grateful for your posts :)
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