HELP! can't install drivers for pci devices correctly.

I'm not a pc smart, and i just can't figure out why am i getting same errors trying to install drivers for my pci devices.

This is budget pc, so i went ahead with cheap motherboard 'ECS G31T-M' despite so-so reviews on the net.

cpu e5200
4gig ram
nvidia 250 gtx
wireless card
hdd & ide odd

system boots up fine, and does see all the hardware at time of booting. graphic card is seen as vga mode(maybe driver wasn't loaded yet), and i can't get wide aspect ratio at all, and i got errors when installing drivers from the disk. it was something like 'your software didn't pass windows logo test'.. and i went ahead and chose 'ignore this message and install anyway'. after reboot, nvidia control panel opens up, but i can have only vga resolution through dvi connection.

it gave me same message when i loaded driver to my wireless card. and atheros control panel doesn't even open. it just flashes once and dissapears.

i tried reinstalling windows xp (both home edition and professional), and loaded drivers again, but same result everytime.

could it be the bios? bad mobo? or do i need 64bit version of os? driving me nuts since i've been trying to make this work for past 3days...

any input would be appreciated.
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  1. No 64 bit needed on such a low end system!Some drivers need to be installed thru my devices !
  2. Only 3 days? Then you aren't as nuts as we all are.

    No reason to accuse the hardware nor the Bios. And you don't need a 64b OS with 4GB of Ram (the sole reason): it's just the limit.

    But the version of your drivers could well be unfit to your OS or your hardware.

    I use to install the chipset driver before the graphics driver, but I don't feel it mandatory.
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