Wirelessly networking an XP and a 98 computer

Hello, just wanted to say this is an awesome site. Thanks for having me.

I am about to build a wireless network in my home, and was wanting some input from you guys about it. Here goes.

Computer 1 (C1), server, AMD Athlon XP 1800+ w/ 512MB RAM, Windows XP Professional, Xterasys XN-2511B 802.11b NIC (www.xterasys.com/xn2511b.htm). I also have a broadband DSL modem attached to C1.

Computer 2 (C2) Compaq Branded AMD Atlon 900MHz, 96MB RAM CPU, Window 98, XTerasys XN-2511B 802.11b NIC.

My question is this: will I be able to wirelessly network the 2 without using a router? Windows XP has support for ad hoc wireless networks, but the standards for wireless were not around when Win98 was realeased. I also know that WinXP includes the home networking wizard, which can create a disk for client computers. Will this enable me to build my network as I stated above? Thanks for your help!


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  1. Check <A HREF="http://www.jiwire.com/wi-fi-setup-guide-3.htm" target="_new">this</A> out.
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