How to scroll in folders using the scroll button?

I have folders which have tons of text files and would like to be able to scroll down quickly but for some reason by pressing the scroll button, the navigation arrows don't show up..
How can I enable it? any utility that'll let me do this? I don't want to scroll using the wheel, but using the quick scroll.
thank for any help. win xp sp3
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  1. press (click) the scroll button and slide the mouse backwards
  2. this is exactly what i'm saying. I press the scroll button and it just doesn't bring the up down arrows. I tried it by holding down the scroll button and moving but to no avail.
  3. first goto control panel|mouse|wheel and make sure the "following number of lines at a time" option is checked if it is then the mouse driver may be messed up.

    youll need to goto help and learn a couple of keyboard commands
    Specifically how to reboot without a mouse. I think it is shift F4 but I cant remember
    To navigate the menus without a mouse press alt then use the arrow keys to get where you want after the mouse disappears.

    Goto device manager and unistall the mouse and reboot .
    during boot windows will auto detect the mouse and reset it and it should work then.
  4. Thank you for the reply. I have done these things already and still the issue is there. I will contact Logitech for further assistance. I thank you for your time.
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