Need help with Reinstallation

OK so I'm trying to install windows xp home edition onto a dell of mine with a fresh hard drive. When I put in the dell reinstall CD everything seems to go fine until what seems to be the 3rd step the "what do you want to do step."

I get to this screen:

It tells me to press enter and my keys seems to stop working because nothing I press does anything. I've searched around a bit but I haven't found anything about this.

So does any one have any Ideas to offer to some one new at this stuff as to what may be the problem.
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  1. Can you get into the BIOS and use the keyboard?
    If not check the plug for the keyboard.
    do you have a USB keyboard?
    If after the second make sure the BIOS are set to enable USB and USB legacy settings.
  2. Yes it is USB keyboard. and is usable in the bios. Only option in my BIOS regarding USB is whether the USB controller is set to off, on or no boot. It is currently set to ON.
  3. do you know what bios you have?
    not version just type
  4. I wouldn't know how to distinguish which type I have, I'm pretty much new at this.
  5. reboot and enter the bios. at the top it will tell you
  6. Says Dell System 8400 version A01
  7. do you have another keyboard you could try?
    Maybe one with a ps2 plug?
    Im not familier with Dell bios but double check for a setting "USB Legacy Support"

    Also when you are in the bios make sure that your boot order is set to cd and the HDD if it isnt already. This allows the system to boot from the cd and it should install any drivers needed if it detects a usb keyboard.

    One last thought and I dont know if it will work try to unplug and replug the keyboard and see if that has any effect.
  8. Turns out it was a bad copy of windows from what I could tell. I got my hands on another disc and everything went off without a hitch.

    But now I have another problem that I encountered before but forget what was wrong back then.

    Pretty sure it's a driver problem and what happens is that when I move a window around or scroll up and down I get a sort of lag/stutter. Like it's only moving at about 1/5th a FPS really jerky.

    Like right now in the reply box when I'm typing at the bottom of the screen but not the bottom of the box and hit enter, everything moves down. But with a visual "wave" effect since it's only a short move. The top starts the it's kind of a bard that moves down the screen and everything is in it's new place.

    If it's multiple moves it's the same thing but each "wave" has to complete it's self before the next begins.

    Any Idea on that one?
  9. Glad too hear that you got the first one sorted out.
    The second is likely a video driver issue.
    I would start there by getting the current drivers for you video.
    While your there also get whatever other drivers that you can for your system.
    Put each one in a seperate folder and include a read me file with each one because Dell file names arent very descriptive.
    Install one driver at a time in case something goes wrong you wont have to guess which one caused the trouble.
    Also once you get everything going well burn all of those drivers to a cd so that you always have them.
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