With a Turion 64 x2 TL-50 Mobile....

and 2 gigs ddr2 4200 in dual channel mode, with an ATI radeon xpress 1150, should i be able to play call of duty with medium settings? It (The ATI card) did get a 720 3dmark score which was impressive. I have installed the game and it ran choppy but i believe it is due to the fact that i have 894 mb of dell installed shared memory (some shitty ass Hyundia brand) and am already running on 70 percent ram used with just windows vista basic...
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  1. For everyone reading this thread, before posting a reply just take a little time and look here


    You're wasting you're time giving answers here ... this guy is trully lost ...
  2. integrated x300 (lowest end) graphics processor from 2 generations ago... check

    min system requirements for COD2: radeon 9200 or geforce 4

    checking for compatability.......... FAIL
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