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I put extra permissions on my external hard drive, but now i cant modify anything or add. i tried to change the settings to full control even though i am the admin and the security settings have a admin and my user name as two different users when my user name is the admin. i get it to change it keeps telling me it cant for every folder on the the damn hard drive. how do i fix it. i even removed everything and formatted it hopping it would fix it but it wont. HELP!!!!
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    It sounds like you are having isues with UAC
    Try turning it off and see what happens.

    Also since the drive is newly formatted can you change the permissions for the drive folder? If you can then all of the entries created after that may keep the same permissions as the master.

    Below are a few links that could be of help.
    If not post back and Ill look further
  2. I had a similar problem tonight with my profile not loading when I re-started the OS. Somehow my admin. account was changed to a guest account and I was essentially locked out from making any system changes. After re-starting in safe mode and removing the UAC feature I ran system restore. Thanks for the system restore option it works ok now, and I did not have to re-install Vista. If anyone has a problem with permissions that may have been changed by a virus or another problem application, use system restore to fix it.
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