How to create a recovery disc for acer aspire 4736g?

Hi Guys,

My husband juz bought an acer laptop and the recovery disc was not included in the package. Can somebody teach me how to create one?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Acer must explain it either in the paper documentation or in some file on the computer.

    If not, ask Acer until they tell you the right way AND you successfully create the recovery Cd, OR until they admit that their procedure doesn't work at all.

    One relative, who is electronics technician and routinely installs OS and hardware, had the same problem. The manufacturer eventually admitted that their procedure had never been able of producing a recovery Cd.

    Which is totally unacceptable. Injecting a Cd costs few cents, either to Microsoft or to Acer. That they even don't allow customers to burn one is rather a proof that they hope customers can't restore their system and then buy another.

    At the same time, it steals customers from their right to resell the OS they legitimately own for having bought it, as Justice courts tell again and again.

    So: no mercy! Take no prisoners!
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