recomend me a PSU


Can anyone rcomend me a PSU , i am not very smart when it comes to these parts

will get a quad core Intel after price drops
2 GB corsair RAM 800
7600 GS XFX
4 hard drives and will be getting more
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  1. t would be very nice if some one could recomend something from this site
  2. Would you rather a cheap power supply that looks good in wattage but is unreliable cus that's what took out my old PC (due to the PSU being overloaded for NO apparant rason)

    I'd recommend Enermax 620W liberty for good wattage and Enermax is one of the leading brands. Check the PSU guides if you think I'm wrong. :wink:
  3. I cant order from new egg because they dont take international credit cards and they dont ship to none verified addresses...

    Anyway i need something in the price range of 100 to 150..
  4. i live in the UAE, it is hard to find some dealers who ship here...
    thats why i have an address in the US but my damn credit card is not from US so most stores does not accept
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