Acer Vista Laptop Drive D:\ - I want Linux access to this Drive

I dual boot acer laptop vista HP / Ubuntu linux 11.10.
Windows drive D:\ holds about 3gb of hidden recovery files in this NTFS formatted partition.
About 32 gb is unused.
In windows I can create folders and files in this D:
(Computer has only 1 physical drive).
In Linux - access to this partition is read only.
Any attempt to change permissions is denied saying drive is locked.

Question: Any way I can access this from Linux to use it as a data storage?
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  1. How many partitions now exist on the hard drive in question? If four, then some rearranging following backup is in order. If three, then things are easier. In either case, do a backup first.

    Assuming the latter, first shrink the D:\ by approximately 30 GB using Windows. Then use gparted (it is present in System Rescue CD) to add another partition. Suggest using FAT32 file system should you want to also see files in Windows.
  2. Why fat32 - I used NTFS earlier
    That may be my problem.
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    NTFS can be seen, read and be written to by Linux.
  4. garfox said:
    Why fat32 - I used NTFS earlier
    That may be my problem.

    Look at this thread

    Also, which distro are you dual-booting with Windows?
    WorMzy HOWTO: fixed it
    ntfs can be read from linux using ntfs-3g install.
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