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ASUS BIOS & Vista getting BSOD after Sleep Mode

Well, on two different occasions now I have awoken my PC from sleep mode and it has been on the blue screen of death.

Wish I could remember exact error message, but I can tell you this all started when I updated my BIOS about three days ago.

I am running an Asus P5N-D (nForce 750i) and it says I have the latest version of Asus Update (7.14.01). Asus Update also says I have the latest BIOS version at 0701.

It is also telling me I have my drivers up-to-date for everything.

Help please?
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  1. If the error message was an 0x00000f4, then that means you have a general hardware fault, usually with one of the hard drives or something in it's Data Chain. although it can also mean that the CMOS Battery is dying.

    this is usually accompanied by slow HDD read/write times, ocassional freezing, and a lot of error-checking and recommendations to defragment. if this is true for you, then try changing the hard drive cables. I recently had the same problem, am still dealing with it, and nothing has worked yet. I'm starting to think it may actually be a problem with my Motherboard- pray to whatever god you believe in that you do not have the same problem. :P.
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    Actually, I think I fixed it. Turns out it was a driver problem, probably. Everything else on the PC was working fine; it was only when it went into sleep mode that it started doing it.

    What I discovered was that my Asus updater was telling me that the BIOS I had was the current one, when in fact it was not. Asus website had a newer version of the BIOS. I downloaded it, updated it, and lo and behold, the BSOD stopped when I put the computer into sleep mode.

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