Linux Flavor of the Month: Ubuntu Studio 11.10 with Ubuntu Desktop

my current setup is Ubuntu Studio 11.10 with Ubuntu Desktop. so far I love it to Death. I have the functionality of Studio with the niceness of Ubuntu. as far as Unity goes I will reluctantly admit I like it :whistle:

while making minor appearance tweaks: I changed the default Firefox to the blue fox one, my folders are all blue. the launcher and panel are still black but slightly transparent. I used the snow mountain as wallpaper, no icons on desktop. it is looking and feeling very nice.

what is your favorite flavor of Linux and why?
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  1. Sorcerer Linux.

    The ease of use is incredible!

    It's like doing for the software world what Harry Potter did to the literary one!

    It's pretty and fast and all round awesome.

    Sorcerer Linux ftw!
  2. ease of use? is that at an expert level?

    according to the website However, Sorcerer is not intended for beginners in system administration because it assumes that the system administrator (SA) knows how to (and wants to do it) configure and tweak the system and installed software to suit his/her needs.

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    Haha, I was kidding. Sorcerer has a reputation on this forum has being a clunky little thing that we all dislike...

    Ijack said:
    I give up! I got the system installed (I think) but then I can't do anything with it. Can't select additional software to install, so I can't even install a Window Manager. I'm sure it's a good idea, but it's too flawed for me to bother further with.

    audiovoodoo said:
    I was curious and had a look myself. Seems to be the conclusion of a few people that tried it. Nice concept but really no more friendly than Gentoo.

    Ijack said:
    The problem is that it tries to be Gentoo for the masses. Unfortunately, Gentoo just isn't for the masses. It's fine when things go as planned, but if something goes wrong you have problems. At least with Gentoo there is copious documentation that tells you what is going on, how the various tools work, and a huge user base to help. Sorcerer seems to lack both. Even LFS was easier than this!

    No, I'm not smart enough to know how to install Sorcerer.

    My favourite distibution is Fedora 15 LXDE because it idles with 124MiB RAM usage, has a GUI that uses up little space and doesn't have keychain. I grew up with Fedora, so it's the distribution I use (back when distributions where handed out by CD in computer magazines and I only had dial up).

    I might be an artist, but I like my computer to be boring. I have my DE and WM set up to resemble Windows XP but with the default blue Fedora icons I adore so much.

    I never really liked Windows 7, so Fedora 15 LXDE defiantely is my favourite OS, feels like Windows XP with the modern features of Windows 7, with less bloat that Windows XP and a lot more terminal action.

    I have the DVD of Fedora 15. For me, my users can choose the desktop environment. That's all. Having one OS means that my end users can have a degree of customisation and personalisation, while I have a stable and well-supported OS which I have lots of experience with. I will move to a newer version when support dries up... or not.
  4. Of the easy distributions my favourite is Fedora with xfce4. I hate what they have done to Gnome, and KDE has always been a little bloated for my needs.

    My absolute favourite is LFS, but it's not for everyone.
  5. I don't mind GNOME, it's the freakishly large close button that I hate.

  6. yea, I liked Fedora too. I was using Fedora 13 I believe and it felt very stable. maybe too stable, kind of starchy.
    I have seen it refereed to as not really being a desktop OS. Red Hat's freebie. but it does have a weight to it that can't be denied and more on the classy side of things.
  7. Fedora was billed as the RedHat technology development platform. Something people could play with to gain exposure to new stuff before having to play with in on their production environment. As a result it does carry over items that are not much use to the average home user, but which are good for study. That being said if you want to learn RedHat then run CentOS, if you want a desktop go for *buntu or the like.

    I know people who turned 2K8 into a desktop OS, better than Vista but far more services and background crap unless you strip it back. Now that Win7 is established nobody but the odd sysadmin type bothers. Horses for courses as they say.
  8. Ubuntu 11.10 is looking like the Vista of the Linux world as far as software compatibility goes...

    so hard to chose a best answer.

    thanks for the responses from the heavy weights.
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