UPDATE: Very weird STOP: 0x00000050 Error

Ok here is my situation:
I had a power failure and when I rebooted my computer I had a system error and could not load windows.
So I went for the REPAIR option.(And I bought a UPS, lol)
Now the repair works fine up to the remaining last step when there is 2 minutes remaining during "Saving settings" I get the STOP: 0x00000050 Page_Fault_In_Non-Paged_Area Error

So, here is what I did.
I changed my RAM=same error
Changed CPU=same error
changed video card=same error
Updated my BIOS=same error

I ran some hardware tests with hirens boot disc and nothing is showing up.. all tests are passing.(CPU,RAM,HD,MB)

My next step is to put another HD and start a fresh install and see if it completes..if I does, does this mean its most likely a HD issue or a windows installation issue?
The only thing I did not swap yet is the PS.

It always crashes and the very same exact poing... last 2 minutes during the finalizing installation (saving settings)

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  1. Ok here is the update
    I got my windows repaired by using another CD ROM and I did not receive the STOP: 0x00000050 Page_Fault_In_Non-Paged_Area Error during the final stage of reparing

    BUT: My computer is very unstable,( Random reboots during windows startup)
    I didn't have a chance to verify the logs yet. But I went on to upgrading my chipset drivers and when I rebooted I get a black screen.
    My computer boots into windows because once everything is loaded my HD LED stops blinking and I press my shutdown button and my computer shutsdown. So I know its getting into windows.

    So I decided to reinstall My original video card and I booted into windows, but got could not get my keyboard to work because is was wireless... So when I rebooted and 3rd time, I got the same black screen like before.
    Its pretty weird issue.
    So I know its not hardware related as I changed everything except the MB and PS.

    So I'm going to test tonight and PS/2 Kb and mouse and put back my old GPU and see if I get into windows to atleast install the new chipset drivers.
    Boot into safe mode, uninstall my GPU drivers and install the new ones and hope it woks.
  2. first put the video card that was in there when you did the repair.
    Changing the video card will require a driver change also.
    You didnt say if you did that and that will cause the black screens.

    second when you did the repair did you use the same type disk eg xp home or xp professional?

    Otherwise it seems that you are throwing a lot of extra oysters into the barrel and then trying to find the pearl. Each hardware change require changes.
    Try to find a ps/2 or USB key/mouse get it to boot, try to save anything possible and start over.
    While youre at it create a second partition to use for data in case anything like this happens again, and Im guessing it will.
  3. I removed all my hardware that it didnt need... ex, sound,wireless adapter etc.. Only left the GPU.

    It did not change my hardware since my repair.
    The only thing I added was my wireless keyboard and mouse, which didnt end up working.

    So, here is the deal, Im able to boot into VGA enabled mode,
    Safe mode load until I get the MUP.sys and then reboots every time.

    I installed another HD and started a fresh install yesterday, and everything is working perfect... So this concludes that my windows is pretty messed up on my other HD.
    Im going to run more tests and see if I get those random reboots...

    Also while I had my old HD and booted into windows, my system rebooted and I noticed an error message during post boot, it said : HYPERSTRANSPORT ERROR FLOOD SYNC or something on thos lines.. it dissappeared fast and didnt get the exact wording, Im going to do some research on that and see if its my MOBO
  4. well I checked the HYPERSTRANSPORT ERROR FLOOD SYNC and it might be my ram not synching properly with the hypertransport link...
    Well I already ran memtest and my ram was fine.. .so I guess it wasnt that.
    I also have another CPU which I doubt is that.. I guess if I get this error again.. Ill try my old CPU and see if it does it again.
  5. Well after a quick search of mup.sys hangups Im afraid the news isnt great.
    See this link to get a better understanding of what I mean.
    I know it talks of win 2000 but read on.

    It does mention the possibility of a bad HDD and you seem to confirm this by installing another and it is working out so far.
    The next thing that I would try would be to finish the new install and get it to a working configuration.
    Dont go crazy getting everything to have a stable web surfing mean machine just yet. For now just a stable testing platform as I assume that you may have some things on the old HDD that you need.

    Then try to put the old HDD into the system as a second disk and run a virus scan.
    Then see if you can get to it and recover anything that you may want.

    Im not sure what may be wrong with the drive but having a different one work correctly leads one to think that the first one is either very corrupt and needing a format or possibly mechanically messed up and now a doorstop.
  6. yeah thx for the reply, well heres the update.
    I finished installing my OS on the other drive and updated all my hardware and the system is running perfect. voltages are great and everything.
    Tonight Im going to install my "defect" HD and do as you said, scan it and maybe see where something went wrong.
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