Reccomend me a new North and South bridge cooler.

Reccomend me a new North and South bridge cooler!

I'm running an Abit IG-80 (not the best 775 board i know, but i picked it up cheap from a friend) and the North and South Bridges are running abit hot at 62 and 45c respectivley. I'm a student so the less money spent the better. Preferably passivley cooled but i know this may not always be possible!

Edit: Some OC potential would be nice too :p
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    Recommend this one for you board (Northbridge) :D

    I would recommend buying from Zalman or Thermaltake. I leave the brand and heatsink style up to you

    Prices vary as you can see, I would recommend not going cheap since the cheaper you go, the more likely you will have to RMA what you buy
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