Computer keeps freezing any ideas?

I recently developed a problem with my computer that it now for some reason will freeze at any time that it feels like. I have even seen it freeze while starting up and still in the bios so i don't think that it is an OS related problem. and I don't have anything overclocked at the moment so not quite sure what is causing it. It seems like I first noticed the problem when I started using a WPN111 wireless usb adapter on vista x64 was a little tricky to get the drivers but was working and within a half hour or so everything froze up. Then with starting the computer again took almost 4 mins just to get thru the bios before booting os and froze again. so i figured something might not be seated right. Removed everything and put back leaving the wireless card out and still doing the same thing but went thru bios fine this time. Reboot and it did it again.

I still might just be os related and tried to reinstall vista and right after I entered the product key it froze again. and got a stop error driver_irql_not_less_or_equal stor something.sys was what it was related to and figured still not reading and tried it again and still does seem to be freezing even just trying to go thru the bios. It will still occasionally freeze in post of bios but usually as windows is loading where it has the bar going across the screen or while windows has been up for a while. First it started as a once in the blue moon thing and progressively got worse. Have seen computers lock up before but never in bios as posting even though bios will run fine.

I did try and run just the setup and load again with only one burner attached and no hard drives and seemed to not have locked up at all but then again was really not doing anything put back again and am experiencing the same problem. Reconfigured the raid and that seems to have helped.

Below is a list of hardware and any help as to what might be causing this would be greatly appreciated.

XFX 680iLT motherboard
Intel Q6600 G0 rev
Corsair XMS2 2x2gig
2 WD raptor 150 gb hard drives in raid striped
2 x XFX 9800 gt graphics cards
2 x liteon dvd burners sata
Thermal Take 800w power supply
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  1. I would set the 4 GB of Corsair XMS RAM to manufacturer specifications in BIOS. Your MB BIOS will default the RAM voltage to 1.8v. Try 2.1v. If the RAM specs call for timings of 5-5-5-15, be sure to set the timings to

    Edit: The 680i is not known for it's stability, nor longevity. Your MB may have called it quits. I've posted this many times.
  2. agreed with Badger: your motherboard likely has just died. But it couldn't hurt to try working with the RAM specifications. I would also recommend replacing your CMOS Battery, as sometimes Hardware Faults will come up if it's dead. don't know why, but they do.
  3. sorry for taking so long to answer all great ideas. found it. a jumping jack sata cable was causing it. one of the cables was loose from a dvd burner and was causing all the symptoms. guess I didn't need to reinstall everything. test over clock had processor at 3.0 ghz. mem running at 1000 mhz and stable againg now love it!
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