Problem with my vista after my battery ran out?

Hey guys, I've been having this problem for a couple of months now.. heres a detailed description

So I was playing Red Alert 2 on my dell xps m1330 without the power chord in my friend's room when i lost track of time and my computer died because it ran out of battery. When this happened i went back to my room and plugged my compute in and turned it on. It couldn't load vista for some reason and i got taken to the vista startup repair thing, where it tried to fix the problem. it couldn't fix the problem so i had to do a system restore to a point before i had installed red alert 2.
when i restarted the computer after the restore everything seemed to be working fine.. or so i thought. after a few days i realized that my sleep mode no longer worked, and that my USB ports lost power when I unplugged my computer's power cable, went to class, came back and plugged it in. i also realized that it was taking a lot longer to start up than it used to. When i log in to vista, it stands still for about 3 minutes before all my other start up programs even started to load. I thought that there might be a problem with my vista files after my computer ran out of battery, so i tried to do a disk check..when i clicked it it said it would schedule one for when my comp restarted. i restarted my comp but the disk check didn't run. i tried this about 10 times but to no avail.
I gave dell a call and they asked me to use their online help thing, which i went through. the guy played with some settings on my computer and used a program to configure my sleep mode again, and it seemed like my computer was working fine again.
The problem came back as soon as i restarted my computer. I still couldn't go into sleep mode, my usb ports lost power, my computer took a long time to start up, i couldn't adjust my screen brightness sometimes, and sometimes my computer would just flat out refuse to shut down(it would be stuck on the blue screen).

Could anyone please help me with this problem? Its starting to get really annoying...

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  1. I would go in to BIOS and try the default setting, save and exit. If that doesn't help, I would call DELL support back and ask if there is a BIOS update to address the sleep issue as well as the other things like usb not working. Maybe they can update the system BIOS and walk you through a reinstall of the OS/system drivers if need be.
  2. hey badge, i forgot to mention that my bios got upgraded when i called the dell spokepeople, and he said that worse comes to worse i had to do a system recovey with the cd they gave me when i bought the computer..but i really don't want to do that it would be a last you think running a checkdisk or a repair install with the vista disk would help?
  3. chkdisk would repair OS system errors. Repair install would place your OS system back to the point on the CD itself, but save your personal files. Complete restoration of the OS and system drivers would wip the drive clean and the computer would be like it was the day it shipped.
  4. the problem is though I can't run a chkdisk cause it just doesn't do it when I restart my computer..could you help me with that?
  5. Alright badge, i ran a chkdsk with my cmd in the vista startup recovery mode (seems like it was the only way that it would do it) but i still have the problem. I am really stumped as to what to do.. any other ideas?
  6. other ideas?
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