Need help wiping deal hard drives and installing ubuntu

I currently have vista installed on the computer with 2- 100 gig hard drives. Windows will not load at all I have tried using a boot disk and safe mode but they all freeze on the blue desktop screen and the only thing I can do is move my pointer around. I have tried to use the ubuntu disk to wipe and install but it dosent get passed the screen after telling it i want a full install. I am somewhat of a noob but am far from computer illiterate. Any help on completely wiping the hds and putting ubuntu on would be extremely helpful
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  1. davidabutler1981 said:
    I currently have vista . . . Any help on completely wiping the hds and putting ubuntu on would be extremely helpful

    Completely wipe? Easy enough -- get System Rescue CD at and once burned to CD at no more than about 10X ( to ensure integrity) bott to it and after hitting the default a few times you will arrive at a page that says to enter either "wizard" or startx". At the multi-colored prompt, enter the commad some calldata destroyer, but that's another story --

    [cpp]dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda bs=4096 conv=notrunc,sync [/cpp]
    use sda for hard drive one and sdb for hard drive two.

    Go make a sandwich because it will take a while to wipe zeros to the hard drive. Once done (you'll see about four lines of data that says there is no more room and the rate of writing t the drive), type in the desires "startx" and wait until you see another terminal waiting for you to type in a command (usually a yellow-colored window). There, type in
    [cpp]gparted[/cpp] and partition your dirve.

    Best wishes!

    BTW: why so impatient -- it's the end of a long weekend in the States, you know.
  2. @david, be nice when you ask for help please :).
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