USB Drive Use In Installation of XP 64bit

I have an nLited XP 64bit CD. I don't have any other CDs to copy over to, but I have a 4GB USB flash drive.

I am having a hard time finding stores that either sell floppy drives or external floppy drives.

But I need one in order to install my RAID drivers so that my SATA drive can be detected for installing XP on.

I have the following setup (Stuff you need to know):
Asus Vintage AH-1 barebones motherboard (AMD Socket 939)
SATA 80GB harddrive (on RAID using the ULi utility)
IDE 80GB harddrive, set to cable select, because this is technically my backup slave driver (too slow to run software from)

(Yes, this system is outdated, but I need to make due with what I have until I can build myself the system I want)

I need to be able to install my RAID drivers so that I can have my SATA drive detected.

I have ideas, but I'm not one to be able to do things about them.

I could do something that will make my 4GB Usb drive be detected as an external floppy drive. It's going to get the information off the same way, but it won't know the difference, if it thinks it's an external floppy drive. The reason I say this might work is because you can use an external floppy drive which is a floppy drive being hooked up VIA USB, so if you trick the XP 64bit install into thinking that the USB drive is actually a USB external floppy drive, it won't know the difference.

Or I could go the hard way and have it so that I have the XP 64bit install and the RAID driver I need on the USB drive and somehow make the XP install read from the USB drive for the RAID driver.

Any ideas of what I can do or if there is something out there for my ideas?
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  1. External floppy drives are readily available. Amazon (both US and UK) lists several. PCWorld also sell them.
  2. I wish it was as simple as that. I would have to wait a very long time before I can afford to buy one online, as I just started at my new job and have to wait for that first paycheck. I did not ask for a response that is irrelevant to what I said. (I absolutely hate that, because it gets nobody no where.) Further more, if I really wanted a response like that, I wouldn't have asked for ideas about how I could use what I have readily available to make it so I can do a reformat.
  3. So sorry. I was reading the line in your post "I am having a hard time finding stores that either sell floppy drives or external floppy drives." My big mistake - I thought my reply was entirely relevant to what you said.

    If you can't afford $20, or the equivalent, for a floppy drive then I appreciate that you do have a problem. But, given your attitude, I'm not inclined to worry about it any further.

    Please try not to be so rude to people who are trying to help you. (I absolutely hate that, because it gets nobody no where.)
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