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Vista Home Premium or Ultimate?

I'm buying a new Dell Desktop with and i7 CPU. I have a choice between Vista Home Premium and Ultimate. Microsoft has 3 line items that Ultimate does that Home Premium doesn't- is it worth the extra $150?

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    Extra $150??, NO WAY! Don't even think about it. The animated desktop (Dreamscene) and a few paltry 'extras' are all Ultimate really offers, along with some advanced backup, drive encryption, and some remote desktop options and maybe another tidbit here or there - none of which are worth that kind of money unless you absolutely need to have it.

    Your main decision should be 32 bit or 64 bit - 64 is very compatible now, driver and software support is nearing 100% - lot of us are using it with the extra RAM 64 bit will allow.
  2. Thanks! :)
  3. Vista Business is all you will need, only thing your going to get with home premimum and ultimate is media centre! Ive made the mistake of getting ultimate but that was on day of release! If you can get your Dell without OS and install it yourself, Dell, HP are infamous for installing a pile of unneeded software and branding.

    Oh and get 64bit it will make your PC future proof ie more than 3.7gb of ram and so on!
  4. go to the vista website and they break down all the versions of vista for you. from what i have found with vista home premium is all you will need
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