Installing XP on Preinstalled Vista on Toshiba notebook

Installing XP on Preinstalled Vista on Toshiba notebook

First, I have the Toshiba Satellite A205-S5814
I'm trying to install XP Pro over Vista for a friend.
I've completely wiped the HD and it is not recognizing any HD. Only in the BIOS.
This is NOT the factory HD. He had installed the Seagate Mometus 259GB 5400rpm ST9250827AS HD.

So I assume I have to find the drivers and slipstream them into a XP Pro CD? I've never slip-streamed before...
In my BIOS, there is nothing giving me choices about HDD mode or emulating an IDE or anything of that sort. My laptop just seems totally generic.

And on the Seagate website for my HD, I can't seem to find the drivers needed???

I've also put the notebook HD in my XP desktop as a master and formatted it there and installed XP Pro with S3 and then put it back in the notebook and it STILL doesn't see the HD. (It does see it in BIOS). So what do I need to add to it to make this work? I rather not slip-stream as I've never done that.
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  1. How about some feedback please?
  2. nlite the motherboard and SATA drivers into the XP install disk. Hell if they'll fit get the GFX and Network adaptor ones in there too. I had a similar issue with my HP lappy, the board wasn't showing the disk in XP due to lack of drivers, bunged the nVidia drivers over, and it worked perfectly.
  3. The first thing I would have done before wiping the laptop is make sure you can actually get XP drivers for all the hardware. Generally, it's not an issue if you know exactly what devices are present... but sometimes OEMs will only have Vista drivers available from their website... and depending on the device... the OEM might be the only place to get the driver.

    If people are so heart-set upon installing XP on a computer designed for Vista... they should consider buying a computer / laptop that come with the media for both. That way, they are guaranteed to have a working image of XP for their computer. Don't buy a computer with Vista and just assume you can throw XP on it. Just like you can't really find 9x drivers for hardware anymore... very soon drivers for XP will fall by the wayside. Once Windows 7 hits... that will pretty much signal the end of XP.
  4. The only way to avoid slipstreaming the SATA drivers into your install CD via nLite is to have a floppy drive handy. The only way to install extra drivers in Win XP without slipstreaming is a floppy drive.
  5. I Also have the Toshiba A205 series Laptop and I had no problems installing XP Pro on a 2nd HDD.

    Your problem is in selecting the Correct Hard disk controller file (F6). You need the ACHI driver and you can get it from INTEL (I believe you can also get them from toshiba (Need to go to XP (Verse Vista ). Look for XP.

    As Zoron stated you will need to use nlite to slip stream. Easy to do on your desktop and nlite has a very good set of instructions.

    You will also need the drivers for Video (I believe you have the ATI X1300), audio and wireless/lan drivers.

    At work so don't have the specifics, Sorry. Good luck. Like I said It's fairly easy as I have done it and this was my first time using nlite. Your Win XP disk needs to have SP2 installed, if not you can slipstream SP3 on to it also.
  6. I did this same thing with the Toshiba Sattelite A200-FS2 and it was simple, just download the Intel Matrix Storage Drivers from Intel's site then slipstream them into your Windows XP install disc (also very easy to do using Nlite). Then your all set to go. The problem your having is that your Windows install disc doesnt have the Intel Matrix Storage Drivers by default so it can't "find" your hard drive. Once you slipstream the drivers into the install disc, it will work just as before. At least that's all I had to do, worked without any problems. (Note: the HDD in my laptop was a SATA2 drive). It's great because it works for any Intel system I've had to do a fresh install on since.

  7. 1. Dude the first thing you need to do is download oem drivers for xp

    2. download a windows xp cd burner. i forgot the name of the software but try to search it over the net. the burner comes with many options which you can configure on how you will manage the win xp installation. then there another option on which you can attach the OEM drivers to the CD so that the installation can read the hardisk.

    3. once your done with the CD, proceed to this link - this will guide you throught the process.

    this is the best option, I also experienced the same thing with my laptop.

  8. go to BIOS setup and change HDD from SATA to compatibility then try an install WIN XP AGAIN
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