strange blue screen on setup

First off heres there machine spec:

4gb Corsair 1066 RAM
Gigabyte P35-DS4 mobo
ATI Radeon 4850 GFX card
2x 320GB Samsung Sata spinpoints using RAID0 with the onboard INTEL raid controller.

Vista 64 installs fine no problem and runs amazingly!

When trying to install XP Pro (32 bit) the following happens:

*CD in, BOOT.
* Initial Drivers load
* Setup displays the "Starting Windows" message.

Then blue screen.

I've got a feeling its to do with the fact the machine is setup to use the onboard RAID and its freaking the XP setup out?

Any ideas please let me know as this is driving me crazy!
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  1. You're going to need to install drivers via the F6 prompt and a floppy drive to make the RAID array visible to XP. Your only other alternative is to "slipstream" them into your XP install using a program called nLite.
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