Beware of fake Kingston 1GB SD cards!


Take a look at this. The ebay seller in question either does not know these are fake or is actively selling counterfeit items.
The cards are actually modified 256Mbyte, with firmware which responds with correct size when interrogated.

Nearly lost a lot of data thanks to this , luckily I keep backups.

Also I purchased a fake Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo and a Sandisk 2GB Transflash, both of which are counterfeit and do not work as advertised.

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  1. Why are you buying SD cards off eBay in the first place? You can get 1gb cards for like $8 on Newegg.
  2. when it comes to memory i always buy from retailers i hate to buy online i like the ideea to actually see what i'm buying
    well i really didn't know that something like fake sd memory cards exists!
    thanks for the info i should check my xd mem card is it original fuji or not?
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