Which is better among these two

I might just perform mild OC, and don't have plan to add a second graphic card:

FSP Blue Storm II 500 watt


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  1. They're both solid power supplies. I'm more comfortable with FSP, but they'd both be fine and would be enough for your system.
  2. The FSP has 40A on the 12V rails... very good. Can't find out how many combined amps the TT has, but the rails have 14A and 16A separately. Of the two, I'd go with the FSP. It's cheaper, good brand, and is quite capable.
  3. BTW, I'm planning to get one of those PSUs for powering up my future unit:

    C2D 6650 (coming up on June)
    Corsair TWIN2X1024A-6400C4

    the rest of my components (in my sig) stays.
  4. If you must get one of the two, get the FSP. TR2 psus are v bad. Well, not bad exactly, they are solid as long as you stay within specs, but they provide very little 12V amperage compared to other psus with a similar total wattage rating. Hence the reason why they are so much cheaper than other thermaltakes.
  5. What do you think about this? Is it good enough for PSU under 500 watt?
  6. Much thanks, mpilchfamily, I think I'll take the 400 one :D
  7. TBA I think you should get the 450w, as it supplies 29A vs 25A for the 400W. Remember that a psus output drops over time, and oyu dont want it to fall below the needs of the system, especially since you may add another HDD or sometihng in the future, and you want to be prepared for it. Besides, they are both rather cheap, with only a small price difference.
  8. right, thanks for reminding me.
  9. What if I pick 500 watt, such as Silverstone ST50E :wink: Is it a bad thing for my rig using more power than necessary?
  10. Having more power than you need is OK as long as you don't over do it. Plus 20% OK, plus 50% bad as the PSU will be severely underutilized and therefore run inefficiently.
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