[Windows XP General Discussion] physical memory dump, how to fix?

hi, lately my computer has been constantly restarting itself. it'll flash a blue screen and restart. i started researching it and it seems to be a physical memory dump, but i couldn't find much information on how to fix it. i even tried to reinstall windows onto a different harddrive, but for some reason it isn't working. i tried it twice and it froze during the windows set up and the third time, the blue screen came up again. any help would be great appreciated. thanks :]
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  1. Have been having the same problem,but i don't seem to find any solution about problem there are no sites considering this matter :<
  2. Whats the BSOD STOP code/error message? Without that, there isn't much we can do to help.
  3. My system freeze and make a noise when something is running (songs/movie/tones) and A blue screen comes and the message shows "Physical memory dumps complete
    Help me
  4. Hi, finally, did you find how to fix it, or you had to find another computer ?

    I'm in same status with my laptop, physical memory dump, and constantly restarting itself. My temporary solution is that I have to use it in safe mode with networking. This way helps me somehow in using laptop without its self-restarting as before, but this is not the way to fix the problem, and some software programs could not run any more or not able to run as before.
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