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HI TH peeps, i have been viewing the forums for a few months now. ok here's my question. a friend and i used to live together. now we moved into an apartment. with us both having a different internet connection is it possible for us to be on the same network or view each others network. i have a dlink 655, forgot what router he has. i didnt want to have to get an access point router. not sure of any other way to get this done and still have the fast speed. any help is much appreciated.
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  1. Well, I'm not sure of your exact setup, but Yes or Kinda. Can you give more detail as to your setup? It sounds like your buddy has his own router and setup, and you have your 1 computer with nothing else? Is this correct?
  2. Well we used all live together so this was cake. Just one network. Now he lives in the first apt building and i live in the third, about 200ft away from each other. I have the dlink with 2 computers and a media center computer in the living room. I am tryin to figured out how to make one network for us all. View all of each others shared files.
  3. Ok, the best idea I can come up with would be to set up 2 computers as adhoc wireless network. It would get kind of tricky getting it to all work out, but with some creative IP address assigning you should be able to get it to work. The one thing I will note is that if you plan to have 2 DHCP servers at both apartments, the 2 ad-hoc networks will have to me manually configured. Windows XP Internet Connection Sharing should help with that.

    I know how I would do it if I was standing there with your scenario, but writing it all out would be quite long, and I'm not sure you'd understand what I was trying to say(but it all works out in my head).

    If you'd like to talk to me over the phone send me an IM with a phone number and what time zone you are in and what's a good time to call. I'll see if I can explain it over the phone.

    (Yeah, like someone would really share their phone number with a stranger in a forum! But I thought i'd offer it. I personally would like to see this work for as little $$$ as possible because I plan to do the same thing in about 3 months myself).
  4. You'll want to set up a VPN between your two computers.
  5. my idea was to try and find out if it could be done without doing a VPN
  6. Out of curiosity, why don't you want to use a VPN?

    I know a lot of people use a VPN client called Hamachi, and seem to like it. There's a free version and everything. Otherwise, I can't really think of a good solution, seeing has how you live in apartments and probably aren't free to mount equipment outside of the buildings, or run lines between them.
  7. if you can still have gigabyte transfer rate with VPN then i would consider. but it seems hardware is the only way. i do not mind dropping some cash for the hardware, just not sure which to get. bittorent transfer rates would be awsome also.
  8. Hello! I'm the other guy (ex-roomate) that fills in the second half of this equation. Here's the lowdown:

    His setup:

    Comcast Pro cable modem internet service (384up/6.0down)
    D-Link Extreme-N (draft) gigabit router
    2 Tower PCs (Gigabit ethernet)
    1 Media center (PS3)

    My setup:

    Comncast cable modem internet service (384up/1.5down)
    Linksys BEFSR41 ethernet router (currently wired only, I don't have an issue buying an AP router)
    2 Tower PCS (Gigabit ethernet)
    2 Laptops (Wi-fi a/b/g compatabile)
    Various other Wifi devices

    We wanted to stay away from VPN's because of the bandwidth bottleneck outbound from our ISP. There's no sense in the two of us sharing Gigabytes of files with an upload speed capped at 44kbps, might as well just walk over there with a flash drive or burn a DVD.

    If I were to get an Access Point Router, theoretically I could set it to find and link to his wireless signal. But as far as I know they only go up to G distances and speeds. The distances we're apart (and other physical obstacles) makes me wonder if we should wait until there's an N-spec (final) AP router.

    Running physical cables is not an option, setting up a "mesh" network might be possible with help from a resident int he building between us, but I'd rather avoid that. The ad-hoc method seems ok, but he has no capable systems of his own. Both of adrenaline's PC's are wired to his router, he uses wireless only for his gaming devices. Correct me if I'm wrong, but an Ad-hoc must be computer to computer, not computer to router.

    Anyhow, hopes that gives a bit more insight...
  9. Ok, so it sounds like you are against VPN because you do not want the traffic between the two to use your internet pipes...

    That means you will need some type of connection between the two apartments. But a wired connection is out of the loop..

    The last option is wireless. But it sounds like based on building layout and building material a strong signal will not be possible...

    If you are in one apartment, can you see the wireless signal from the other at all?
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