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I have a laptop that i use for some of my old games, an HP dv6810us. It's great except that Vista is slow as hell, so i put XP on it, but now i have every XP driver i need except the sound driver. And it's not that it doesn't exist - i just can't get it installed. I don't really care if i have sound or not, RTS sounds annoy me anyway.

But, i can't play the games i want, simply because i don't have a sound driver. So is there a way i can fool my computer into thinking that it has one, even if it doesn't do anything? XP can run games on full settings with no lag, Vista runs them with heavy lag on the lowest settings ....
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  1. Come to think of it, would an external USB sound device solve the problem? or would i need onboard sound first? Just a thought.
  2. What sound driver does it need? I "downgraded" my G6000 to XP after much effort with Vista. I just used some generic connexant HD Audio drivers in my case, unpacked them with winrar, then pointed the device manager at the inf file to get it installed.
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