Install Different Distro. On Asus Transformer?

I have an Asus Transformer and I was wondering if the hardware would support a different Linux Distro. I'd hate to brick the darn thing while trying to install Backtrack.

I think the primary issue would be with the touch screen capabilities, whether or not Backtracks would be able to handle touch screen. I know Linux is bit picky on what hardware it runs and I over the years have had to go out and buy specific machines and hardware to minimize the hassle of making things work.
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  1. The thing to keep in mind here is that the Transfromer is really more of a slate than PC hardware. The short answer is that you can get it to run other OS's, it's just that there are less options than with more standards HW.

    XDA forums is likely the best place for insperation on this one, I had a quick look and they have this guide:

    Which allows you to run a version of Ubuntu. You might also want to have a look here:

    There are a few links from that thread.

    I've not heard of any version of Backtrack for the Transformer, it's such a specialist bit of kit I doubt there will be enough interest to get it running, but then most of the tools it provides can be installed ontop of any Linux distro. Worth noting though that some capabilities might well not be supported by the HW, using the WiFi as a psudo AP comes to mind as one that might not work to well.
  2. Any distro that has reasonable package management and you should have no problems installing the majority of the useful tools that come in BT. Now, the other pressing issue would be whether or not the drivers for the wireless chipset in that thing support some of the non-standard operational modes (like monitor and AP)
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