Old card better than onboard sound?

I currently have a Gigabyte DS3 rev 3.3 Bios 10 with the onboard sound (realtek). I also have an older Soundblaster Audigy (model Sb0090). I am more interested in music sound than sound for games. From what I remember when I got the card, it was a pretty good one that was optimized for music. Should i stick with the card, especially since it would take more pressure off the CPU? Thanks.
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  1. You can leave the onboard sound enabled and also install your SB0090, then you can compare them side by side.

    If listening to music is your main thing, then install the kX drivers for your SB0090 (better than Creative drivers IMO).

    kX latest version in this thread

    kX Getting Started Guide (Read it-Really)
  2. I would use the audigy, its got great sound and as you say will make your computer slightly faster (well not faster but it will seem that way) besides you paid for it, you may as well use it (since it is better)

    Enjoy your audigy ! (I still use my audigy 1 in one of my other computers, even though I have an X-Fi in my main machine)
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