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Install WINXP using LAN connection .

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October 30, 2008 6:47:02 AM

Hi All,

I have a problem here. I have two PC. one pc with the cd rom and another small mini pc i dont have a cd rom. how can i install winxp using thumbdrive or using LAN connection.

This is my small pc looks like only with usb connection and NIC connection.

I have a Lan connection. Is it possible for me to put in the bootable cd in my working PC and boot it using LAN connection to the other pc without using cdrom?

This is the specification of the mini PC

Manufacturer: VIA
Frequency : 1.20 Ghz
FSB Speed: 400 Mhz
Cache L1: 128kb
Cache L2: 128kb

System Memory : (960MB) - Connects to samsung 42 inch LCD screen maybe the rest of the memory taken up by the lcd screen.

Boot Setting Configuration

Quick Boot Enabled
Quiet Boot Disabled
LAN BIOS Execute Disabled --//// I wonder if i enable this function can i use LAN to install my win xp?
Bootup Num-Lock [ON]
PS/2 Mouse Support [Auto]
Interupt 19 Capture Disabled
Beep Function Disabled

Boot Priority

Shows only one and cannot be selected as other boot device


Can anyone help me on this.

Network connection is ok. both device can ping each other.
one pc ip address is
mini pc ip address is
default gateway for both device is (connected to a switch)

is there any commands i can use in command prompt to tell my cd to boot to mini pc machine VIA ip address ??

I know is much more easier to install using a external dvd rom plug into the usb port and start the normal installation. but i dont have one on this point of time..and i dont want to pull out my cd rom drive out from my working pc then plug it to my mini pc just to install OS on it.

I think i am too adventurers.. not too sure if this can be done.. but actually i have puppy linux install on the mini pc using thumbdrive to boot. I just want to try to install this using Windows CE or Windows XP.

Please help me :( 

October 30, 2008 10:03:13 PM

Just a thought if your handy open it up and see if you can connect a cd to it
and see if the bios recognizes it.
Maybe it doesnt offer a second boot device because it doesnt see one.
You might have to get a double IDE cable to slave the drive as I would think that little case doesnt have one.

Ps turn the beep codes on as someday you could have troubles and they will save the day.
They beep out important codes when they need to.
October 31, 2008 12:09:32 PM

It can be done, but it's not necessarily what would be described as easy.

You need a computer running Windows Server (2008 is avaiable as a free trial) and then use Windows Deployment Services. You also need to set your computer to PXE boot (i.e. to boot from it's network card.) If you can't do that you'll need a floppy drive.

This is really intended for a large Corporation, where multiple installs/upgrades can be easily, even automatically, done. Whether it's worth going to all that trouble for a single install is something that only you can determine.

Aleternatively, buy a USB CD drive for about £20.
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October 31, 2008 12:14:49 PM

(Excuse the misplaced apostrophe in my previous post.)

P.S. Of course you may not want to install Windows Server on your other PC! Easy - get VMWare Server, or Virtual PC, (both free downloads) and install Windows Server in a virtual machine. Getting more complicated, but it does show that you can do most anything if you're determined enough!
November 9, 2008 5:58:11 AM

Thanks for the reply i will try on this....but this seems so much work compare to normal boot from CD..
January 22, 2009 4:21:29 AM

August 29, 2010 8:28:06 AM

Is there any software which will do all this things easily?

I want to install Windows XP using pendrive within a few minute?
can u guide me about that topic?
August 29, 2010 9:14:01 PM

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