Which graphics card can support Win2003 standard server

Hi dear all:

Last week I installed the windows 2003 std server at home. It seems like the server did support the graphics card driver but I found out the graphics is much more worse than I used xp before. Here is my computer spec:

MB: Asus: M2NPV-VM
CPU: AMD 3500 2.2 GHZ
Graphics card: NVIDIA GForce 6150
Memory: 1 gig byte

Do you know which graphics card which support the windows 2003 Srv?
Thx for your advance.

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  1. Windows Server tested products

  2. I have a server for a web and SQL database using a gforce 256 and a PDC with a rage XL. For a server you do not need much :) . Now if your running games on your server well that different... :?
  3. i have virtually same set up apart from i have a asus a8n-sli de luxe and i get 11179 in 3d mark 03 with leadtek 6800gts and hl2 css stalker etc etc all play well. not sure if thats good score 3d mark wise but all seems ok
  4. Thanks for your support. Actually I upgrade to Win2003 because I need to work at home and since win2003 is more secure so finally I pick 2003. By the way I still want to play games eg Age of Empire III, Titan Quest...etc. Should I need to buy a better graphics card which support 2003? Do you guys have any suggestions?
  5. It is server 2003. Its xp pro with iis built in. and it dont look as pretty. so everything should run like it does on xp. if you got iis running and everything else, then you might be slow.
    You could use a better video card.

  6. Thanks a lot.
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