Trying to install Linux OS's from a USB drive

I'm trying to install a Linux OS from a USB drive, not a live version but the full version. I tried google but everything was so conflicted. The software unetbootin seems to only do live versions of the linux os so now I'm looking for another means of doing so. Is what I'm trying to do possible?
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    Unetbootin (and similar tools/processes) can be used to turn any ISO into a bootable USB stick, including standard install ISOs (e.g. Alternate 'buntu variants, Fedora, Debian) as well as the popular segment of LiveCDs that also include installers (Mint, Ubuntu).
    1) Install unetbootin
    2) Download the ISO
    3) Point it to the ISO and the USB stick
    4) ???
    5) Profit
  2. Thanks for that bmouring, guess i overlooked something in that software. I'll try it again when i get off and post back my results.
  3. Worth noting that not all pendrives are created equal and some cheap ones don't boot. Might be worth trying another drive if you don't get any obvious errors when doing the transfer with unetbootin.
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  5. Yep unetbootin works like a charm. And Linux mint finally works with my desktop without a whole bunch of crap to get the gfx drivers to work. Still a pain to install them though...
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