Service pack 2 to (SP3)??


Concerning windows XP i'm being promted with an update to install service pack 3 (SP3) i'm currently running on (SP2) i've researched on (SP3) but before installing the upgrade would just like to know from users already using (SP3) what their comments are.

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  1. SP3 contains all of SP1 and SP2 plus a large number of additional security updates. In the future, no need for SP1 and SP2 just install SP3, it covers any thing earlier plus. As far as potential problems, depends on your MB, BIOS and system specs in general. Some older systems have issues. Generally speaking, if you have a modern MB and hardware, the chance of having any issues are small. There is no real performance increase in installing SP3. Personally, I have installed SP3 on maybe a dozen or more systems and had major issues with one older system. I upgraded that system to Vista and had no issues. You might want to back up any vitally important data before you update your system.
  2. You're not going to see any performance benefits, it's meant to be a security/roll-up update for the previous service packs. It's doubtful you'd have any problems with it.
  3. So apart from additional security measures if i'm happy with (SP2) theres really no need to upgrade to (SP3) considering theres no potential benefits as far as performance is concerned ??
  4. If you're happy with SP2, I wouldn't bother upgrading. It's just easier to install SP3 on a new machine because it has both the previous service packs in it.
  5. Thanks for all your advice guys, appriciated

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