Spark Freezes when messaging unique user?!

Hello, I am in control of most of our Networking and IT here at a small company. I am kind of new to the Linux and Open Source, like many I grew up around windows. We started using this OpenSource chat client named Spark. Many of you have heard of it I am sure. Anyway I will cut to the chase.

Basically, one of the employees here is having a problem. When they double click only a select two people to bring up a chat window, Spark freezes. Everyone else in the company and myself can spark these two people no problem. We are all on the same client 2.5.8 Also the employee can spark anyone else in the company just fine. I noticed at first she was using a Spark beta of 6.x So I reinstalled and it worked fine. I was sure that fixed it. It is back, and it has only been since Monday.

Someone please help if you have heard of this.

I hear a lot about Pidgin as well. Would this be an easy replacement for Spark? We are using Openfire as our manager. I would not have to change all of that would I? Thanks for any help, tips, solutions you may have to offer. Have a great hump day!
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  1. I myself am having this same problem. A certain user causes my Spark to freeze whenever he attempts to message me, or I him. Even if sends a broadcast my program will stop. I am running XP and work from home. I was able to message him months earlier without any problem (though another co-worker had the same problem whenever they messaged me).

    I do not have admin rights to attempt to resolve it, but so far what I've found online is to have the Spark profile folder deleted for that user and to recreate their. Removing the program does not remove the profile, and depending on the type of setup your business has, users may not have the ability to create their own profile.
  2. I should have reposted the solution, but because I never received a reply email I forgot I posted it! For some reason the users Spark transcript files go corrupt. I am not sure if something specifically causes this or what (maybe a certain line saved in the document locks it up, idk).

    Anyway, to cure the problem for the user, delete their transcripts to the user that locks them up. For example if Cindy freezes when she Sparks Tom, then you need to go to Cindy's PC and remove her transcripts to Tom. The path will look like this...


    Of course replace mbyars (me) with your user and mbyars@dc2 (me + hosting server) with yours and you will see a transcript for every user on Spark (a past history) + a current transcript (the conversation you have open now). Remove these and now they can Spark the other user =)

    The downfall of course is you lose your history =o

    I haven't tried this, but maybe just deleting the current would work? I am not sure, I had the problem with 3 users, removed the transcripts and have never had the problem again to date so I never got the chance to experiment.
  3. There is an easier way to fix this problem.
    In Preferences check the option "Disable chat history".
    In this case you will be notified that all your history will be deleted (which is exactly what we need).
    Apply and Save this option.
    Now you are able to chat with this person again.
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