Need Help!

computer started freezing. Then had trouble booting. It wouldnt post, took several tries, and then if it did, would freeze on windows splash screen

I put in different working memory, no help

Tried a different PSU, no help

I got a new mobo after 3 days wait. Computer boots up just fine 1st time. Then it freezes. Now it wont boot either.

Do I have a CPU issue??

And the CPU is not over heating. It was idleing at like 43c before any troubles
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  1. try scanning for viruses in safe mode
  2. Dude, I cant even get it to post (that beep you hear when you turn on the comuter). Thats before it the computer boots.
  3. I believe its the hard drive, you should check if its spinning or if theres any sounds. (Happened to me before)
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