what about ubuntu? pro's & Con's

please let me know what to look forward to!!!
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  1. Are you lost.

    Why don't you look forward to the Linux section, this is the Windows XP section.
  2. Why not try it and decide for yourself?
  3. I was looking for someone to talk me out of ubuntu...I guess nobody cares.
  4. I've been using ubuntu since september on my portable computer...I love it. The switch from XP to linux wasn't as hard as I expected...sometimes it helps me when I think 'How would I do it in XP?'

  5. Quote:
    I guess nobody cares
    To be honest, it's difficult to care too much if you're not prepared to give it a go and see what you think of it. Do you need people to do all your thinking for you? Not meaning to be rude, but you're the best person to decide what a particular piece of software means to you.
  6. I'd never talk anyone out of trying it... after all, you can't beat the price. The only caveat is if you're a computer novice, Linux can be a difficult OS to use... depending on what you want to do. Setting it up for internet and email is very easy... setting it up to play Windows games is a bit harder. Ubuntu is definately the easiest distro to start learning Linux with... and if you want to learn it, I would highly suggest you try it.
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