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Do i have Directx 10.1?

I'm guessing this is kind of a n00b question. but do i have directx 10.1? I have vista64 with all the available automatic updates and i guess SP1but when i run Dxdiag it tells me derectx version 10.
Will this be the updated 10.1 or just the original 10.0? if it's only 10.0 where can i find the updated 10.1? as it wasn't an option on the update site.
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    directx 10.1 shipped w/ Vista SP1. So you have it on your computer.

    If you Have 3DMarkVantage, and you use 'View System Info' it tells you which version of Directx you have. I have a Nvidia GPU, and it tells me that i have Directx 10.1 . So even though my hardware isn't 10.1 compliant, i still have the software.
  2. Thanks, i just checked in vantage. yup i have dx10.1
    Thanks for the help
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