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  1. Woohoo!!! Avast takes the lead.

    But on a serious note, it would have been nice to vote for Paid vs Free or something like that.
  2. Subcategorised I meant to say.
  3. Woohoo!!! Avast takes the lead.

    But on a serious note, it would have been nice to vote for Paid vs Free or something like that.[/quote

    i think what btk1w1 have said is a good issue to think about :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: ....coz i am using Kaspersky Internet Security 2009 paid version works much better than the non paid version that my one friend id using ...also i have tried out Avast,Avira.But according to me Kaspersky Rockss :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
  4. My vote went to other for Vipre Antivirus / spyware by sunbelt software.

    I demo'd this for work because they were offering a really good price compared to our symantec endpoint security. I put it on 3 machines, and it found something on each machine that had not been picked up by symantec including trojans, and a keylogger!

    They also gave me a free license for trying it ( which i used on my moms computer to help rid her of one of those "fake anti spyware" viruses that now plagues the internet.

    They offered me $10 per license + 1 free year to essentially reimburse us for our current symantec, but my supervisor didn't want to do it.. oh, and they also were offering a free at home license for every user ! seriously... was an excellent deal.

    Symantec Endpoint security is like... $35-40 per license per year for renewals. So, by the end of the year I'm switching our office over to this by year end.
  5. why is AVG so low?

  6. GrievousAngel said:
    why is AVG so low?

    Well, AVG lets some other powerful viruses get past on its system.
    I have a very bad experience when it comes to AVG. My computer was infected by an Adware. :(
    Starting fro that day on, I never used AVG again.
  7. I've used AVG for years and never had a problem. I won't vote it as the best though, because I haven't used many others. I couldn't stand Avast.
  8. actually i had the same problem with AVG (twice) > one RootKit and one nasty virus. AVG later got the virus BUT never found the RootKit. a free Rootkit killer fixed the RootKit thing.

    i thought maybe i was expecting too much from anti-virus appz If you go to risky sites.

    i guess its time to move on to another anti-virus!

    which anti-virus is king?

  9. Kaspersky is definately an expensive program, but you pay for quality. All of my family (Except me) uses Kaspersky, where I am using a free McAfee Professional that came withour comcast connection. After a year of having that my computer started slowing down and I happened to get hacked (That sucked.) before getting it all squared away, I scanned my computer with McAfee, it found nothing. I used Kaspersky's free scan, it found 4 things, 2 spyware, 1 trojan and a virus. Removed them all right quick, got all my stuff back, and life was good. Once I build my new computer in the next month I am putting Kaspersky on it immediately.
  10. I first used Norton antivirus but literally it sucks.... It is too conservative on its firewall settings plus the internet security is a bummer.
    I switched to AVG... then to AVAST... I guess AVG (Free) and Avast (Free) are great Antivirus today.
  11. is there a bigger comparison on the net comparing anti-virus appz?

    AVG Firewall is good but it not sharp with Rootkits.

    who does the best job with downloading unknown files?


  12. SR-71 Blackbird said:

    You got a nice list here. Thanks for the information!
  13. your welcome!
  14. I have used mcafee, norton, avast(free),AVG(free),and Avira(free). All i can say is avira smashes everything, all of its competition between the anti-virus i've used personally. truth be told it has no competition. Avira anti-vir the free version has has practically all features that paid-antiviruses do that i need. I am thinking of purchasing the premium of it actually. It has a very high detection rate, daily updates(sometimes 2--3 times a day), has excellent heuristics and a good scanner. It catches everything. Mcaffee, just plain sucked, norton goes with right with it, its crap, avast was okay but it doesn't have a very good detection rate cause some viruses got through and has a horrible GUI, i once thought that it was my music player when i saw it, AVG is pretty good, i would put in second because it doesn't have a very good detection and kind of got bloated. Avira takes up no resources and yet easily defeats everything else. Avira is a brick wall and nothing gets through it PERIOD. Remember this is my opinion, you may not agree but i suggest give it a try :)
  15. I haven't try Avira, perhaps I'll consider it in the future. Thanks for the tip.

    A little out of the topic I have downloaded Malwarebytes software (Free). Tried it, and clean-up my P.C. very nicely from malwares and spywares. My Firefox just crashed couple of days ago and I have to "clean" install it.
    It works fine now, but I used Malwarebytes to clean my system before re-installing Firefox.
  16. Kaspersky works for my servers. Otherwise, I use Mc@fee or 360.

    360 seems to work much better for me, although it is a pain to uninstall. Kaspersky is more of an enterprise-level, server thing than a home use program.
  17. Are you kidding me? 5 votes for Norton? It's the crappiest besides mcafee and Trend Micro. I say Avira or nod32. Kasperskey slows the f out of my internet and, although it whitelisted iTunes, it blocks half of the songs I purchase. It has great protection, but too much of a performance impact. Besides, Avira is free, Kasperskey cost me $62.
  18. Norton is good. BTW, it's 390 version which does is not power hungry. It's running on my laptop, C2D with 4GB of memory.
  19. Avira vs. Kaspersky antivirus test!

    check it out and let me here some feedback please!
  20. I use trend micro and symantec enpoint protection. Both are really good.
  21. quick heal antivirus plus is best!
  22. Avira for me atm.
    Avast has also been alright.
    Shocked to see NOD32 in the list...

    AVG was alright and perhaps is alright on powerful machines that are used to do basic tasks.

    other then that, it has crashed thousands of french versions of windows (I had to backup by hd transfer, reformat, reinstall, put back avg... again pc failed at reboot)

    My vote is on Avira... sure has a popup on the free version... but again... FREE !
  23. Avira will win
  24. I have Nod 32, but I have seen a lot of people recommending Avira, maybe I will try it.
  25. Been Using Nod32 for a while now and im very happy with it , not such a resource hogger like bitdefender,kasperski and norton! as for Free Antivirus I have to give credit to Avira, SuperAntispyware and Avast
  26. i use f-secure uses about 60mb of ram for realtime protection not scanning, so it does not hog anything, and it catches everything, i got it with my isp, so i got it free catches spyware too, but you can change settings for how much you want it to look after
  27. NOD32 is everything you need!
  28. AVG for me , Good all round protection , if you couple with a good Firewall...and Anti-spyware ( If u got the RAm to spare )...Then AVG is good...
    My Protection Combo ( All Free )

    1) AVG Anti-Virus
    2) Pc-tools Firewall
    3) Ad-Aware Anti Spyware

    Soo far no problem of what soo ever....
  29. Is "Avira AntiVir Personal - FREE Antivirus" a gud virus guard?
  30. yes it is i use it with pc tools free firewall plus!
  31. The best defense is the common sense of the person at the keyboard.
  32. but sometimes even common sense cannot overcome some of the malicious things lurking around on the net.
  33. I have been a lawful Kaspersky user (IS) since version 6.0 till 9.0 At least while my license lasted..
    I now use BitDefender..

    I vote for Kaspersky however.. Much lighter than BitDefender and Norton (I used Norton Antivirus 2005 till they cut its support and updates.. very bad for Symantic) Has excellent detection rates and (speaking of history) caught "I love you" virus by its heauristic and with the 6th version.. 3 hours before signiture updates.. Impressive!
    I only got BitDefender because it was on sale here..
  34. I recently switched to Avira from AVG. I found after testing both on some not so recommended websites that avira would stop me from loading images/ads/programs on the page. Where as AVG let them slide right by. I have always heard good things about NOD 32 and Kaspersky but have never tried either of them.
  35. i'm using avira great!
  36. Basically I've tried all antivirus in the Market & my vote goes to Kaspersky Antivirus/Internet Security
  37. after a few months kaspersky makes your computer crawl!
  38. I've used Kaspersky for about 2-3 years and it has always been great.....on protection. The problem I have run into recently is that it randomly either totally blocks acces to the internet, or pages will load as what I would call "font only." If you use no-script add on and go to a page that is mostly java without allowing any of it you know what I mean by this. Basically all I see when these pages load is text and links in a list format. Strangely I was able to solve the problem temporarily by upgrading to KIS 2010, but it has begun to happen again. The weirdest part is that it will only happen about 1 out of 10 times. I will get either the text thing or "server at cannot be found" and if I reload the page once or twice it will work fine. I think it also disabled me from d/l movies from itunes for a while. I checked all firewall settings for both problems and everything was set correctly. So for me it has been great on protection, but I am now thinking of switching it up once my new rig is finished. Ive tried the trial of Vipre and liked it a lot, but is that plus win 7 firewall enough or do I need to get a separate firewall? (oh and I am a firm believer in malwarebytes as a backup and I scan with that once weekly, from everything I've read and heard about its ability to root out problems and fix them I highly recommend it as a backup)
  39. vipre is real good,pc tools firewall plus is awesome!
  40. so area 51 you seem to have some experience with these. My license on KIS 2010 will run out in a few days (Just in time for when my new rig arrives!!) So on the new one would you suggest
    1.) Kaspersky IS 2010- which Ive had great results in the detection and protection department but possible conflicts with internet access as you can see above, and it also has slowed down this machine (but then again my new one is much faster i5 750 6 gig 1333 and win 7 so I dont know if that will negate the performance impact and solve my acces problems)
    2.) Vipre antivirus/antispyware plus a good firewall
    3.) Avria (paid) with a good firewall.
    these three seem like the best options out there

    *And thanks but no thanks to AVG as that has let a ton of stuff through on my buddies computer that I have to constantly get rid of with superantispyware and malwarebytes.
  41. I am currently using avira premium with the free pctools firewall plus!

    great combo!
  42. avira seems to be a tad better than vipre!
  43. C00lIT said:

    Shocked to see NOD32 in the list...

    Why shocked? Nod32 is a great antivir program, also resource 'friendly'.

    Anyway, nod32 for me.
  44. At the beginning of last year Nortons Internet Security 2009 got such great reviews I decided to give it a shot and was pleased with it enough to install it on 6 machines, it was a better product than Nortons earlier AV protection that added everything in it but the kitchen sink and slowed your machine to a crawl.

    Then Symantec released NIS 2010 and 2009 began automatically updating to 2010, which got infected with a virus on 3 different HDDs, 2 running WinXP Pro 32bit, 1 running Vista Home Premium 64bit, Nortons was clueless it was infected, but Windows Media Player began relentlessly restarting basically rendering you computer useless.

    After many failed attempts to stop the problem I decided to try an online scanner, even though Nortons continued to report no infection no matter how deep the scanner was set to run, I took a shot in the dark and chose ESET [NOD32], installed and ran its online scanner, it found all the virus infections and removed them.

    So now I'm running the 30 day trial version of ESET Internet Security and so far its getting a thumbs up, hopefully that will last.

    Nortons is still clueless of the virus, thats a real let down from Symantec, they should have been all over this thing by now.

    Well that's my 2 cents on this subject. Ryan
  45. Is there any particular reason why there's no AV software stickies, perhaps outlining the leading free and paid programs?

    I have to imagine this forum is 90% the same stuff over and over...
  46. therianthrope said:
    Is there any particular reason why there's no AV software stickies, perhaps outlining the leading free and paid programs?

    I have to imagine this forum is 90% the same stuff over and over...

    Well it could be hardly anyone actually reads the stickies and they end up as a reference link for a thread like this, so they still have a use.

    Probably because no one has taken the time to put one together and unfortunately no matter how good your AV protection is if an AV disabling Trojan, or Worm infection gets in your machine because the AV protection doesn't have the virus definition yet, your machine is in trouble anyway.

    There is no perfect AV solution besides completely disconnecting from the internet anyway.

    A good sticky is a lot of work and dedication on the authors part to keep it constantly updated, or it becomes useless.

    Are you volunteering to put together an AV sticky?
  47. -nod32 killed my new 16gb mp4 player.because it had a autorun virus... never worked again.(could of been fixed with panda usb)
    -after grisoft released avg free 8. i couldnt get rid of it. i had to format my hard drive and start again.
    -avast = resorce hungry. had to disable half of the scanners to get my computer running normal speed...
    also the same with mcafee and norton

    -just switched to avira... no troubles what so ever. just the annoying notifyer thing. but it doesnt pop up often. and my computer goes very fast.
  48. Norton managed to get 11 votes are you having a laugh, Norton is a virus !.
    It lags your system and attracts other viruses.
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